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Episode #4. Killed vs. Modified-Live-Virus (MLV) Vaccine Choice

In this episode, learn the difference between killed, or inactivated, and MLV vaccines and the best time to use each type of vaccine for optimum protection from BVDV. 

In our final episode, Dr. Chris Chase explains the pros and cons of killed and MLV vaccines. With MLV vaccines, he’ll explore the concepts of reversion to virulence, adventitious agents and maternal antibody interference. He’ll also discuss the role of adjuvants in killed vaccines. 

You’ll learn the importance of boosting immunity with MLV vaccines before any animal is bred and how a killed vaccine during pregnancy can help develop high-quality colostrum for the calf. 

We’ll also explore the difference between vaccination and immunization and how to time vaccination to avoid a milk drop in lactating cows. Hear why Dr. Chase recommends involving your veterinarian in developing a vaccination protocol to help choose the right vaccines at the right time to boost herd health.